Sunday, 19 May 2013

Berry Medley Polenta Cake

I love receiving packages through the post, even if I have ordered them myself. Who doesn't?  It's one of those small pleasures that perk up your day a bit. This week a particularly exciting (judge me as you will) gift came through the letterbox. Squished neatly inside an A4 envelope was the bright pink silicone ring mould we'd ordered last week. As you can imagine, I could hardly contain myself. So, come this lazy Sunday, I jumped on the chance to make a cake I'd been planning for some time.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Salted Caramel Peanut Brownies

As much as I would like to claim that I'm the only person who has ever made these and the idea to do so is completely unique and all my own, I just don't think that's true. I was struck with this idea when trying to come up with some new and exciting culinary experiments to try. Brownies are fantastic because they're really adaptable, and lend themselves to all kinds of new flavour and texture combinations. I've used this brownie base before, and it was so easy and tasty it was perfect for trying this out with.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Sticky Toffee Apple Shortbread

I have well and truly fallen off the savoury food wagon and hit the ground with a great big fudgey thud. I couldn't resist the urge for much longer, and soon I found myself conjuring up these gloriously calorific offerings. I'm actually quite proud of this recipe, as it is a concept I came up with myself. 

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Thai Chicken and Cashew Nuts

If anyone read my last post, you will have noticed I was aiming to try out a few more savoury dishes in the upcoming weeks. True to my word, I have had a crack at another meal which would act as a great main course for any day of the week. The decision to choose which recipe to try out was really a no-brainer. This dish is a restaurant favourite of mine, to be honest it's quite possibly my favourite meal, (when cooked well) and one I had been absolutely itching to make. 

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Simple Tasty Focaccia

I've been in a bit of a predicament lately. My cake baking and eating antics have been catching up with me. Combined with the surprising amount of confectionery I managed to accumulate (and consume) over Easter, my conscience and my waistband have both been taking a hit. This, in turn has meant that - for today at least - my attention has been concentrated on savoury creations. 

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Dutch-Style Apple Pie

Last week my dad and my brother took a trip over to the Netherlands. My brother came back after a couple of days, having only travelled there for a music event, but my dad decided to make the most of it and spent a day or two exploring Maastricht in the South. He came back armed with tons of photos of the cafes he frequented, cobbled streets and inevitably - many pictures of the amazing Dutch pies he sampled. After taking one look at his photos I was feeling the temptation to revisit a favourite of mine - the Dutch-style apple pie. Apple, sultanas, cinnamon, all piled high beneath a crumbly spiced lattice. Irresistible.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Creme Egg Brownies

For Easter 2013, Cadbury's made a very clever marketing move and advertised a brownie recipe all across social networking sites, featuring non other than their famous Creme Egg. The recipe was accompanied by mouth watering photos of gooey chocolate brownies, inset with halved runny Creme Eggs, presenting a very inviting challenge to all baking enthusiasts, myself included. Now, I'm very aware Easter was last Sunday, but that means it's the perfect time to get working on these brownies. It might be that this year you received more than your fair share of Creme Eggs, or you've come across some reduced in supermarkets, either way, this is a great alternative to just stuffing yourself with the chocolates.